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Excellence cannot occur by accident. That's why we have shortcuts.
Throughout history, shortcuts have been the tools of choice for winners.
Interview and break bread with, work for and next to, thousands of winners,
and you will find that one hundred percent of all winners use great shortcuts.
Adopt shortcuts in all that you do... as you have done for petty pursuits,
and you will find your results concomitant with those of our pioneers.
Shortcuts do not exist for those who come first: they trailblaze.
The lessons they learn are the shortcuts of folks like you.
Please turn off your opinion when you visit here:
your opinions have no value sans experience.
When you do better, you know better, hm?
You will find here the greatest shortcuts,
shortcuts of masters and champions.

Saving Puppies or Kittens Via The Shortcut Method of Life

Saving Puppies or Kittens,
Saving Lions and Tigers,
Saving Water,
Saving Women,
Saving the Planet,
Saving Poor Children,
Free, I tells ya, it's really free to help save us all.
Click every day for YOUR accelerated Newtonian results
Click every day - the Shortcut Method of Life will repay you,
showering you with the omnipotent master secrets of the universe.
If you normally ask three times before accepting that this time is a "No,"
teach yourself to ask just that one or two extra times every time that you ask.
For approximately one hundred percent of you, this trick works eight in ten tries.
Until you become a world-class sales closer, your opinion is not based on evidence.
Whoever you are, whatever you're doing with your life, you DO need to ask for help.
Use this secret to double your results in the next ten days, then help the helpless.
This is the contract betwixt you and the Shortcut Method of Life.
As long as you make it your bueiness to help the helpless,
the Shortcut Method of Life will help your business.

Save those puppies and such with your free clicks SEVEN DAYS PER WEEK.
Once a week is human. Twice in a week is nice. Thrice per week is heavy.
Four clicks per week is great. Five per week is mastery in training.
Six clickthroughs in the week approaches the one percentile.
Seven clickthroughs in one week is no less than holy.
Let us summarize the promise, the guarantee.
Your holiness and profit are guaranteed,
with seven clickthroughs per week.
Take no one's words for belief.
Focus on what is done
Prove with action.

Shapelinks by MisterShortcut - EyeCandy and PowerGems Free for Your Life at the Shortcut Method of Life

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You ARE a hero
Great sponsors buy 1.1 cups of staple food for starving people with free clicks to TheHungerSite (no relation to us).
Clicking this food button and the one that pops open, you save a human life... no charge to you.
This is a prime function of the Shortcut Method of Life.   What goes up ...

If you are competing in any field of human endeavor, learn what your competition is doing.
No, not typical competition. Imitating the competition that outperforms the market,
competitive interests that routinely outperform you, these are the ones to watch.

Whether you search online to learn more about how they operate, or otherwise,
learning about those who are performing at the top of YOUR playing field,
you provision yourself with a far more powerful set of useful tools.

Foundations of the Shortcut Method of Life :
Let’s improve this world, one page, one click at a time.
If you agree to share, you will learn great health & wealth.
Your Shortcut Method of Life Is Wisdom You Already Possess.
Your HealthPlan of Longevity, wisdom proven by the long-lived.
All wisdom contains multiple layers, multiplex levels of usefulness.
If you know to listen, comprehend powerful information, new to you.
Do you see two ears to one mouth meaning using ears twice as much?
These next few minutes of your life are likely to alter you forever. Focus.
When we obtain benefit from new facts, we get to our first level of wisdom.
When you obtain benefit from new facts, you get to your first level of wisdom.
With so much of you invested in getting to the first level, let’s remove your limits.
You have invested eighty percent of what is needed to get to so many more profits.
Don’t limit yourself to one meaning. With less time and effort, each layer gets better.
This is a major and master secret of the universe, used by all of the masters around you.
Seek and find your second level of utility, and then your third and even fourth and fifth uses.
Your learning curve goes up in but mere minutes, even today, when you look past first blush.
Every human you’ve ever met who was or is worth admiring uses this magical PowerGem.
Each PowerGem is an omnipotent, universal secret of your own Shortcut Method of Life.
PowerGems stay hidden in plain sight, through all the millions of MisterShortcut pages.
We do not quit, at anything, because we failed. We fail as soon as we choose to quit.
One closing thought about a matter of great import to the Shortcut Method of Life :
You already know that what goes around comes around, as in “What goes up…”
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This is a foundation for the Shortcut Method of Life.

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As we all do, you will experience some of your life’s greatest feelings.
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It's quite a feeling when you realize you have saved hundreds of lives.
You are smart enough to know that Newton's Law works consistently.
What goes up, comes down: what goes around comes around.
Join with the Shortcut Method of Life, solving problems,
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You do not need to click every HELP button every day, although the Shortcut Method of Life endorses doing so.

Clicking at least one every day of your life means your impact on the world continues to grow and grow.
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Newton's Third Law is a perfect law of life, and pays you very generously.
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Give more, friend, and you surely get back much more.

Share the Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity with YOUR intimates,
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The more we give away in life, the more that life repays our repeat generosity.
Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.
The helpless of the world, whether creature or human, within air, sea, land,
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Share the Shortcut Method of Life and HealthPlan of Longevity today.
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You get to double all results every hundred tries or so if you wish.
All masters of success can verify these master secrets of life.
The more you reach to help others, the more life reaches you.
Before you do more, cease pretending that you know more.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, correct?
Act the way you want to be to become the way you act.
When you imitate the great masters of this universe,
you imitate the results of these great role models.
PowerGems are of the masters of this universe.
You know more than those who still do more?
Speaking less, and doing more, is yours.
Share the Shortcut Method of Life.
Let us even the playing field.

Ah, you've made it.   Enjoy the EyeCandy, and USE your best shortcuts
By the way, it's a good idea to get used to looking for hidden treats, so-called "easter eggs,"
and just plain fun here at the Shortcut Method of Life of Masters and Millionaires, Champions and Billionaires

Shortcuts and more Shortcuts at -- where else? the Shortcut Method of Life, possibly the world's largest website.
Created by a single pair of hands, unpaid and unacknowledged -- fifty thousand hours and more --
all of the Shortcut Method of Life websites, the Masters and Millionaires websites,
the HealthPlan of Longevity and other " Psychology of ____" sites -- one and all,
are devoted to you, in hope that you'll be smart enough to smell the roses.

There is no better time, place, or day for you to rise on up.
Since we agree that you have not hit the top of your ladder, let's go.
The Shortcut Method of Life and the HealthPlan of Longevity are, simply,
the most effective methods and the best shortcuts of world-class achievers.
Without a doubt, knowledge can and shall change the world, already is,
and it begins with you as long as you understand that knowledge alone
is not power; knowledge is only potential power until you deploy it.
Make the most of these best shortcuts at the Shortcut Method of Life,
the best HealthPlan of Longevity offered at the HealthPlan of Longevity
Learn more, live more, in hope that you'll give more. It's quite a formula;
one that has a strong tendency to induce inexplicable feelings of happiness,
of fulfillment, of what might be called "Paul Newman Syndrome" of attainment,
wherein everything you touch, everyone you touch, turns to living gold, living love.

With much love for you,
and belief in you,
I shall remain,

Easily get more from your opportunities.
Thinking or believing that "something will come along someday"
to promote your success is foolishness beyond description

It is nothing less than vital for your success that you grab today by the best handles possible, and move it, baby,   move it.
You are awash in opportunities.   Like "Acres of Diamonds," they are right beneath you.

This is the time, this is the day, and you'll find over Five hundred thousand unique web pages within the Shortcut Method of Life,
all focused on YOU winning.     USE THEM for your benefit.... and for the benefit of others. Let's go.     Move it, hm?

MisterShortcut is also known as Mister Shortcut, Mr_Shortcut, Mr. Shortcut,
and even Mister-Shortcut and MrShortcut and Mr-Shortcut, to name a few.

This is done to ensure a wider coverage on the various search engines.
To date, this policy has resulted in what we might term "search engine hyperdominance"
for many, many hundreds of keywords and keyphrases.

All done to bring to you the best and most effective shortcuts to success,
the precise shortcuts used by masters and millionaires,
the same shortcuts used by our champions and billionaires.
After all, if we're not getting it from the horse's mouth,
at which end of the horse will we be found?

Better to learn,    then do.

Develop more of who you are with

You can find millions of brilliant, unique pages hand-crafted by Mr-Shortcut.
Masterlink pages and ShapeLinks and HealthTowers and Shapetalking, and other EyeCandy,
presented in believe that YOU have excellence aplenty within you, that you were born to be a master.
All for your delight, in hope your eyes will be so visually pleased with what you see that the learning doubles in speed AND quality.
Many self-made millionaires have publicly stated that following these shortcuts helped them to produce phenomenally accelerated results.
No need to buy anything from the Shortcut Method of Life or HealthPlan of Longevity, now or ever.

It's not the books and tapes, videos and discs and whatever media growing geniuses will serve up.
Your success is all about your mastery developing. It's about repeat use of your best shortcuts.

All the devices invented by MisterShortcut for the HealthPlan of Longevity are production-limited.
There is no grand goal of being a global distributor of the world's first proven anti-EMF devices, etc.

FoodBoosters, Torroids, QVials, BrainLifters, Megabeams, Agrilasers, as astonishing as they are,
still require up to a hundred and more labor-intensive hours to embed so many frequencies into.

Having enjoyed the years in the mercantile, sometimes corporate pursuits, that era is now memory.
There are so many other pursuits to seek mastery in, inventing devices has been an honor and pleasure.
Having found no one to trust with passing the secrets of supercharging on, retirement is called for.

Thus, the knowledge of, the technology of supercharging, will pass along with the life of MisterShortcut.
On the other hand, even if the lasers stop supercharging over time, the supercharged minerals will work forever.
Of course, 'forever' is a long time, so, the HealthPlan of Longevity qualifies it by estimating at least 200,000 years.

With thousands of QVials and FoodBoosters, BrainLifters and EnergyVials safely delivered into the hands of many,
it's fair to think that these magnificent, first-ever perpetual-energy devices should last at least 2000 centuries.

That's because these diamagnetic and paramagnetic minerals have absorbed solar radiation for an estimated 2000 centuries.
With supercharging, it seems they should last as long, because the polarity of these minerals is higher than any other.

Nicola Tesla was proactively prevented from ultimately delivering his wireless eletricity to American consumers.
As soon as he demonstrated that he could light all the bulbs in a woman's house many miles from electrical production.

MisterShortcut had the obvious privilege of fulfilling one of Tesla's only partly-filled fantasies, a century later.

Putting energy into the human brain to make people smarter, and also disproving one of Tesla's strongest-held opinions.

Nikola Tesla had ideas about the properties of energy (or lack thereof, to be more precise) which proved to be wrong.

Molecules spin in one of two directions. One is low-speed, low-polarity, and weakens everything it comes near to.
Molecules spinning in the other direction are high-speed, high-polarity, and make anything in contact test strong.

Fortunately, no belief is needed, because anything that's been supercharged passes BDORT (patented) and QRA testing.

Millions of stories in any given city and time. This is a piece of the HealthPlan of Longevity supercharging story.

Look for your hidden treats, because there are thousands of them hidden all and in plain sight.
over a million unique web pages by the Chairman of the Board AND President of YOUR fan club.
YOU are my hero, so please prove me right in the next hour or two. Talk less. Do more.
We will all adore you.
That'a a promise and a guarantee. built with love by The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

Feed someone today hungrier than you
With much love, from the heart of the Shortcut Method of Life.

Welcome to the world of EyeCandy and shortcuts to succeeding with the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires

Clickthrough Donations - Using Your Shortcut Method of Life
Sweeter yet, they are FREE clickthrough donations that you make

Do not underestimate the power of donations via free clickthroughs.
The effect on you alone is worth the clickthrough donation. It may yet transform you.
Every time you save a life with a free clickthrough, excellent vibrations abound.
Each time you save a resource with a free clickthrough, you save the planet.
Imagine how you're going to feel when you get to a thousand of each.
Even more giving, your free emails EACH create more donations.
Save lives, change the world with free clickthroughs daily.

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to, and more so with the Shortcut Method of Life.

Every day you waste is filled with minutes - opportunities - you cannot get back.
Make the time each night to create a written agenda, the 5 most vitals goals of the morrow.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proved useless to you. Process information carefully.
Trading just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Shortcut Method of Life is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Shortcut Method of Life is here for your life.

Shortcuts Shapetalk Shortcut Method of Life

Ala Shortcut Method of Life :
Shortcuts and Shapetalk utilities.
Shortcuts and yet not just shortcuts,
the ways of the masters and champions,
who plants the seed, watching for weeds,
makes up more shortcuts unto shortcuts
producing results so sure to please.

Do not forget to use the right shortcuts,
make sure you use those shortcuts rightly.
Everything yielded by shortcuts form time,
your shortcuts reveal the balance of "likely."
YOU choose which shortcuts fit well unto you,
determine which shortcuts portray YOUR truth.

After all, great shortcuts are from pioneers,
who save us much time, blood, sweat, and tears.
Look most at who uses the most shortcuts the most,
contributing to the synergy, by the numbers they post.
The more you use shortcuts while using shortcuts rightly,
your dreams and your goals intertwine sweetly, tightly.
Most Shortcut Method of Life PowerGems exist in you.
You knew then these great shortcuts when still a child.
When you wanted a thing badly enough, you asked.
You pleaded, cried, whined, begged, and asked.
There has never been a secret quite this great

Shortcuts and Shapetalk futilities.
will shortcuts double the shortcuts?
the ways of the masters and champions,
who plants the seed, watching for weeds,
make more shortcuts unto shortcuts,
producing results sure to please.

Do not forget to use the right shortcuts,
make sure you use those shortcuts rightly.
Everything delivered by shortcuts form time,
your shortcuts reveal the balance of "likely."

YOU choose which shortcuts fit well unto you,
determine which shortcuts portray YOUR truth.

Most of our great shortcuts come from pioneers,
who save us our time, our blood, sweat, and tears.
Duplicate whoever use the most shortcuts the most,
adding up to their synergy, see the numbers they post.
When we use more shortcuts while using shortcuts rightly,
our great dreams and high goals machine finer answers.
Most Shortcut Method of Life PowerGems exist in you.
You practiced these great shortcuts in your childhood.
When you wanted a thing badly enough, you asked.
Did you not beg and wheedle, cry, and ask again?
There has never been a secret as potent as this.
Asking more people more times each is it,
the secret of the greatest secrets in life,
the shortcut of all the great shortcuts.
Live your Shortcut Method of Life.

MORE Sweet Shortcuts Between The ShapeLinks

Supposing A Shortcuts

With love from the Godfather of Shortcuts.

If you supposed that shortcuts are what the Shortcut Method of Life is about,
you'd be taking a shortcut right there, because until this sentence, it's all been supposition.
If you DID suppose that we'll be using the word shortcuts and the actual shortcuts to present them,
these much-mentioned shortcuts, then you would also have been engaging in the use of shortcuts.
You see, you made a judgement prior to having all the facts. Never mind that you're correct,
focus for the moment on using shortcuts such as pre-judgment or pre-assessment,
for more important things within and without your life. Sound okay so far?

The objective is to see if we can use the word "shortcuts" seven percent of the page.
Disjointed idea, isn't it? Provided you maintain both relevancy AND seven percent ratio,
you can choose any word you like in your language and place it atop the search engines.
Employing great shortcuts to do this means first finding those who it best and repeatedly.
Follow the rules; just use them far more than anyone around you as your approach.
You'll find yourself zooming up the listings. Shortcuts like this are really great.
They save us time to find even more shortcuts, and if we can't find them,
well, freedom of choice means freedom to create new shortcuts, too.
The Godfather of Shortcuts invites you into your shortcuts site,
The Shortcut Method of Life, free for your life.

Shortcuts for this and many shortcuts for those,
the aroma of shortcuts is like a sweet rose.
Filling and teasing, giddy and heady,
all the result of a scent,
Knowing that shortcuts are always ready
the gift that is purely Heaven-sent.
Shortcuts work because shortcuts work,
it doesn't really have to matter why.
Just grab some more shortcuts
and then use your great shortcuts,
and most things work out just fine. Supposing shortcuts works well.

Shortcuts are all around: simple shortcuts, delicious shortcuts, and more.
You can find repeatable shortcuts, easy shortcuts, humorous shortcuts, and plain shortcuts.
At the end of it all, what we know about shortcuts means far less than what we DO about shortcuts

PowerGems, because total winning is the credo and effort most embraced at the Shortcut Method of Life, where the Shortcut Method of Life presents you with shortcuts that work everywhere.

Shortcuts unlock basically every human endeavor we know of, when you train, and use the best of what you know.
Craft and shape your own Shortcut Method of Life, so you can invest your life focus on solutions rather than problems.
It's your brain, it's your energy, you can use them as you wish. Why use them for complaining? Better to creation solutions.

Excellence and mastery cannot happen by accident.
Please stop telling us what you can/could do.
Better to show us, wouldn't you say? - Test Megaphotons with one-second QRA test!
Easily among the dozen most astonishing minutes of your life.
YOU provide the proof. Human body can't tell a lie.

Greatest Shortcuts Success Acceleration      

Shortcuts unlock basically every human endeavor we know of, when you train, and use the best of what you know.
Craft and shape your own Shortcut Method of Life, so you can invest your life focus on solutions rather than problems.